Free Professional Training

Approved Provider Training Includes:

• Free wellness training
• Free mentorship
• Opportunities for collaboration
• Free advertising
• Valuable community service

One of the first questions people ask is, "Why is this free?"

Middleway Network is a non-profit organization, not a business. Our purpose is to provide free wellness training to as many people as possible.

Our unique outreach model includes training service professionals to become Middleway Network Approved Providers. Our Provider network makes your services visible to a broader audience, and your participation makes our free services available to your customers. It is a win, win, win arrangement.

Why become a Provider?

In the rush and crush of the modern work day, it can be a challenge to get the job done and show up with energy and enthusiasm. That's what Middleway Method is for. When you take care of yourself, then you can take better care of others.

Being an Approved Provider is like being Certified Organic. It means that you have taken steps to ensure that your services are beneficial to your customers in genuine ways.

You become Approved Provider because you want to work for something more than just money. To do that, you don't have to change your service, you just have to add value to it.

Your Own Non-Profit Incubator

When you become an Approved Provider, you become part of our grant writing team. All you have to do is imagine the service that you want to provide your community, and then we swing into action to write your grant and get your project funded.

Here's how it works:

First, you connect with one of our Mentors so we can learn about your service and your personal needs.

Then, you complete our free online wellness training program, called the Preliminary Practices.

Once you've completed the Preliminary Practices, you begin one-on-one mentoring, as we take you into your Provider Training.

Mentorship progresses according to your specific needs. After completing your mentorship, you become an Approved Provider, and join our network.

There is no fee for these services. Our Approved Providers are the heart of our service, and our investment in the global community. All that we ask of you is that you share stories about your experience, and share our free resources with your customers. 

Start here...

Provider training begins with a 30-minute introductory call with a Middleway Method Mentor. From there, we will connect you with your training resources, and begin your training.

Our Provider Network

A Middleway Network Approved Provider is a service professional who is committed to their own personal wellness, and dedicated to being of genuine benefit to those they serve.

From a manager at a toxic waste cleanup facility in Yakima developing a wellness-based model for the signage in the employee lounge, to a violin teacher working as a mental health coach in San Francisco tech companies, Middleway Network brings wellness to work.

Middleway Method  improves wellness techniques, medical care, psychological care, child care, elder care, classroom teaching and learning, artistic expression, business management, and customer service in every industry.

You do not have to be a wellness professional to benefit from Middleway Method training and participation in the Network. When you share kindness at work, your customers appreciate it and your work feels more meaningful. In this way, Middleway Method helps us make our work more meaningful to us, and to those we serve.

In addition to improving the quality of your customers' experience while they're working with you, Middleway Network also provides opportunities to maintain and improve that connection through the activities of our provider network.

After you've completed the online training and mentorship, you are invited to join our network as an Approved Provider. Participation in the network connects your customers to an ever-growing source of fee, curated content, created by you and all of our Approved Providers. 

Connect With Meaning

Drawing from our Provider's creativity and our participants inspiration, the network generates credible, experience-based content that connects with customers in a unique way. People appreciate kindness.  As a Provider, when you connect the people you serve to this credible content, they receive that generosity. In this way, we build and connect communities of mutual aid.

Serve the Underserved

The Middleway Network community of shared content is the bridge that carries precious resources  to underserved populations. Our customers can afford our services, but many people cannot. By creating and sharing free content and connecting with underserved populations, our culture of mutual aid becomes ever more inclusive.

Our Mission

The mission of Middleway Network is to foster the creation of new, free wellness training and educational resources for all people, giving special attention to underserved populations. We are a community of activists, artists, and educators who recognize the diversifying and pluralizing power of creative expression. Specifically, we see that when individuals reinterpret useful information from the perspective of their own experience, the artifacts of their inspiration connect with others in unique ways. This diversity of expression builds micro-cultures of inclusivity.

Start here...

Provider training begins with a 30-minute introductory call with a Middleway Method Mentor. From there, we will connect you with your training resources, and begin your training.