What We Give

Middleway Network is a non-profit organization that provides free and affordable training for people and organizations who want health, community, and purpose in life.

  • Free Wellness Training
  • Free Leadership Training
  • Mentor Support
  • Organization-specific Training

Free Wellness

Create health, community, and purpose in your life with our free online personal wellness training program.

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Leadership Training

Free non-profit leadership training to bring your expertise to those who need it most.

Approved Providers

Classes and services for people who need new tools and inspiration.

Project Spotlight: CoachArt

CoachArt creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness.

In March, 2019, Middleway Network began a yearlong series of wellness training workshops for the CoachArt staff.

CoachArt's goal is to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of their staff and the families that they serve.

For Organizations

Bring Middleway Network into your organization to:

  • Add genuine warmth to customer interactions
  • Improve employee wellbeing and job satisfaction
  • Reduce workplace stress
  • Support creativity

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