The Origins of Middleway Method

Somatic Educators Shari Sunshine, Tobin McKee, and Jenny DeDecker developed Middleway Method in order to meet the growing need for health and purpose in life and work.

Through their more than 70 years combined experience providing professional training and wellness education, they recognized that the principles of self-care and caring for others can be applied to any line of work, and to life in general.

A Non-Profit Wellness Network

To make wellness training accessable to everyone, Sunshine, McKee, and DeDecker formed a team of artists, entrepreneurs, and wellness teachers. We partnered with the Ink People Center for the Arts to create Middleway Network.

Middleway Network is a non-profit orgainzation that empowers people to meet their own basic needs using free resources whenever possible, and to build community support to meet those needs which one cannot address individually. From there, we progress from meeting our own needs to developing greater capacity to be of service to others.

Today, Middleway Network provides resources, education, and mentorship for everyone seeking to develop and share their own unique expression of what it means to be alive.

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