Beyond Personal Wellness

Most people will first make contact with Middleway Method as a health and wellness resource. Among health and wellness resources, Middleway Method is unique in a few ways, and in many ways it is similar to the others. It is similar in that most approaches work with the same universal principles.

Those universal principles are:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Drinking enough water
  • Eating nutritious foods
  • Doing enough exercise
  • Doing things that are meaningful to us
  • Reducing stress

Middleway Method includes those wellness principles in the Preliminary Practices, but giving them a fancy name doesn’t make them fancy. Every living being needs rest, water, food, movement, community interaction, and stress reduction. Those are universal principles of health, so it makes sense that most wellness resources recommend them. If they are not already part of your life, then we assume that you want them to be, so we offer the Preliminary Practices to support you in your efforts. 

What makes Middleway Method unique is that it doesn’t stop there. We aren’t just interested in supporting individual health and wellness. Individual health and wellness is the starting place from which we begin the life-fulfilling work of taking care of others. We recognize through personal experience that kindness and generosity are what gives our lives meaning and purpose. Middleway Method isn’t a business trying to make money by selling you a great product. It is an act of kindness and generosity with the expressed intent of spreading kindness and generosity as social forces for the benefit of all life.

In general, we like things that are good for life. We like things that anyone can look at and say, “Yes. That’s good for life.” For example, everyone knows that we feel better when we get enough sleep. That isn’t some esoteric wellness philosophy or some important discovery made by a Famous Person. And it isn’t something you can sell. It’s just true. The same can be said about health benefits of water, and food, and all the other wellness basics. They’re just good for life. When we take care of life, life takes care of us. From the Preliminary Practices all the way through the Essential Practices, and into Provider and Educator training, Middleway Method is built upon these kinds of universal principles. 

Taking care of life means more than just taking care of ourselves. Our wellbeing is completely dependent on the wellbeing of others, and so for everyone’s benefit, we take care of each other. If you have come to the point in your life where you recognize from personal experience that a feeling of true meaning and purpose comes from helping others, Middleway Method provides support so that you can increase your capacity to do what is most meaningful to you. The beautiful thing about Middleway Method is that it supports you in whatever you do, in whatever ways you choose to express your kindness and generosity.

Middleway itself is just a method. A method is something that supports you to get a particular job done. The Suzuki Method helps people learn how to play musical instruments. People who use the Suzuki Method don’t become Suzukiers, they become musicians. Middleway is a method that supports people who want to put universal principles of wellness, kindness, and generosity into practice in order to benefit all life on earth. People who use Middleway Method don’t get good at Middleway Method, we get good at living and helping people live. 

The method itself is not important. What is important is that you have access to the support you need to do what is most meaningful to you. These days, we aren’t lacking information, but we are lacking support. To get support, usually we have to pay for it, and then often the products that we buy are more interested in benefitting themselves that they are in benefitting us. In a profit-driven economy, the product has to be worth less than its price, or it isn’t profitable to its maker. Middleway Method is non-profit organization. We are a community of individuals who want nothing more than to dedicate our lives to supporting life. Our only motivation is to help people, and our only reward is that it works.

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