Our Vision

The vision of Middleway Network is to inspire a cultural shift in the service industry by focusing and sharing the power of creative expression. We support the individuals and organizations in our network to build their own micro-cultures of mutual aid. From a manager at Old Navy in Cincinnati developing a wellness-based model for the signage in the employee lounge, to a violin teacher working as a mental health coach in San Francisco tech companies, the art of Middleway Method is a force of cross-cultural communication.

Our Mission

The mission of Middleway Network is to foster the creation of new, free wellness training and educational resources for all people, giving special attention to underserved populations. We are a community of activists, artists, and educators who recognize the diversifying and pluralizing power of creative expression. Specifically, we see that when individuals reinterpret useful information from the perspective of their own experience, the artifacts of their inspiration connect with others in unique ways. This diversity of expression builds inclusivity.

Wellness Is Free

While health care is prohibitively expensive and profoundly inaccessible for most people, wellness in its most fundamental sense is free. Not only do underserved populations have limited access to the resources offered by the profit-driven wellness industry, but also most wellness and educational products are framed in contexts and formats of privilege. By fostering diverse creative expression and working with underserved populations, Middleway Network supports individuals and organizations as they develop their own materials, appropriate and accessible to those whom they serve.

In the wellness industry, new products are constantly created for consumers, and because of the laws of capitalism, those products must be tailored toward profit. This naturally excludes the underserved. We seek to replace the capitalist model of wellness profiteering with an artistic and altruistic model of mutual aid. The resources that are born from this process are more accessible and more appropriate to the people who need them the most.