Shari Sunshine

Syntropy Insight Bodywork

Shari Sunshine is traveling right now, and is offering sessions in each place she lands.

To book an appointment, call her at (707) 296-3400 or email her at

Online booking is available as indicated.

February 1 through March 6 – Arcata, CA

March 10 through March 16 – Los Angeles, CA
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March 18 through April 4 – Arcata, CA

April 5 through April 10 – Ashland, OR
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April 12 through April 24 – Arcata, CA

April 26 through April 28 – Vulcan, MI

April 28 through May 7 – Minneapolis, MN

May 13 through May 30 – Maui, HI

When Shari went to massage school in 1978 she promised her teacher that she would learn something new every year, and she has. This journey has taken her literally all over the world to learn from some of the finest masters of healing. Her work is a synthesis of this learning, which includes but is not limited to the work of Moshe Felenkrais, Ortho-Bionomy®, Polarity Therapy, Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnosis, and Healing Qi Gong. She has a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She works in a very gentle yet profoundly deep way that touches body, mind, and spirit.

She co-founded the Jerusalem Center for the Healing Arts, Ashland Massage Institute, Syntropy International, and Middleway Method.

Shari has been a dedicated student of Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy for more than 40 years, and regularly spends time in Thailand, India, and Nepal studying and working as a volunteer in clinics serving the local populations.