The Middleway Method Network

Middleway Method provides access to wellness training and educational resources for all people, giving special attention to underserved populations. Not only do underserved populations have limited access to resources, but also most wellness and educational resources are presented in contexts and formats of privilege. By training new providers and fostering diverse creative expression, Middleway Method supports individuals and organizations as they develop their own materials, appropriate and accessible to those whom they serve. 

The mission of Middleway Method is to support the development of a sense of meaning and purpose through altruistic activity. Middleway Method begins by empowering people to meet their own basic needs using free resources whenever possible, and to build community support to meet those needs which one cannot address individually. From there, the method progresses from meeting one’s own needs to developing greater capacity to be of service to others. 

Central to the function of the organization is its mentorship-based multi-tier network design. In short, Middleway Method is:

  • Free and paid wellness and educational resources
  • Free and paid training for service providers of all kinds
  • A structure for service providers to create and share their own content
  • A structure for all participants to engage in altruistic activity
  • A model for access and outreach that benefits businesses and their customers at no cost
  • A progressive path of engagement that allows participants to achieve personal wellness, help others, and contribute directly to the activities of the organization

Currently members of the Middleway Method team are developing resources for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka and Modern Health in San Francisco. We seek to significantly increase our points of contact across the country as we grow. Our next steps locally are to connect with Area 1 Agency on Aging and Arcata House Partnership, which both need offline resources and direct volunteer support. This kind of project-specific resource development illustrates the Middleway Method network process. While we will provide printed materials that we create for their use, more importantly we will train providers and volunteers both within and outside those organizations. When individuals choose to engage in the Middleway Method training process, an aspect of that process is to volunteer one’s time in the service of others. By developing relationships with organizations that depend on volunteer services, we connect our participants to those organizations in need.

A unique aspect of the Middleway Method network is the free and paid training that we provide for service providers in the commercial sector. Service providers of all kinds choose to become Middleway Method Approved Providers because the training improves their services, and the Middleway Method resources benefit the lives of their customers. Connection to the Middleway Method network expands their outreach and increases awareness about the services that they provide. Becoming an Approved Provider is similar to becoming Certified Organic. It tells customers about their commitment to community wellbeing. For example, Juut Salon in Minneapolis, MN hires Middleway Method Approved Providers to train their estheticians in the art of caring touch. In turn, their customers are given the opportunity to bring the Middleway Method wellness and community development practices into their lives. It is in this way that we connect with diverse populations through the medium of commercial service providers.

Middleway Method is a somatic educational framework that supports wellness, learning, and teaching. It improves wellness modalities, classroom-based education, business management, and customer service. Providers and individuals use the method to enhance their work, and to support personal and cultural wellbeing. The Middleway Method Approved Provider network is an opportunity to practice kindness and generosity, and to become part of a movement to provide access to wellness and educational resources nationwide. Because Middleway Method is an open platform for content creation, it supports diverse creative expressions relevant to those receiving services. The more Providers we train, the more diverse content is created.

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